Our History

Our founder, Ian Birdsall, has a history of developing a market where none previously existed. Through innovative marketing, strong leadership and long-term commitment to success, results can be achieved where none seemed to exist.

We support the sustainability of success long after the initial goal has been achieved. Through a focus on customer service aftercare and support, the initial investment is protected and the momentum maintained.

We continue this approach today. Never looking for the easy route to a short term gain, we prefer building long term relationships and sustainable growth, and provide the highest level of service and understanding to fulfil the goals of our partners.

“Investing in time brings the greatest rewards”

A total belief and a truly global approach

We believe in a truly global approach that builds secure and diverse foundations in order to minimise risk and maximise resilience to individual market fluctuations.

Whilst the marine industry is at our core, having been immersed in this for more than 40 years, we continue to utilise that experience gained in order to benefit our work in other industry segments. In particular is our environmental focus, being so connected to the elements.

Our expertise lies in understanding the diversity of the term “investment” be this financial, managerial, strategic or one of many other tangible forms of investment that enhance the growth of a business and its people.

We aim to ensure that the non-renewable resource of time is used to maximum effect, both in the development of a successful enterprise and in the enhancement of the wellbeing of those it touches.

Meet our team

Ian Birdsall
Ian BirdsallFounder & Managing Director
Louise Corkish
Louise CorkishDirector & Administrator
Cory Dickson
Cory DicksonUS Associate
Julie Parys
Julie ParysWeb / Digital
Chris Sams Rafferty
Chris Sams RaffertyPR & Marketing Consultant

Time is a resource that is non-renewable and non-transferable. You cannot store it, slow it up, hold it up, divide it up or give it up.

… Suas investing in time